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Employee Spotlight: Julien Tardy, Head of Enterprise Delivery

The implementation stage of service delivery can make or break any customer relationship – especially in the enterprise market. Julien Tardy, Head of Enterprise Delivery and Delivery Excellence, joined Arelion in 2002. We spoke with Julien to learn more about his diverse expertise and how his team ensures exceptional service delivery for Arelion’s enterprise customers. […]

Chasing the light: the future of fiber

What can be achieved to date with fiber optics is already impressive, but there are some interesting innovations coming that could be transformative for networks. In this blog, get a brief introduction to how fiber networks are going to evolve in the future.

Building trust within the channel

Arelion’s Conflict-Free Channel Program accomplished a “four-peat” this year, winning the ‘Most Responsive Supplier Channel Team’ Visionary Spotlight Award from ChannelVision once again. This accomplishment reinforces our commitment to building trust within the channel community by being responsive and attentive to our Trusted Advisors so they can better serve their customers. This third-party validation is […]

DDoS: Has the fightback got teeth?

It might be no surprise to hear that DDoS traffic has continued to rise since 2021 – up 19% according to our latest DDoS Threat Landscape Report, issued earlier in May.  This is in line with Internet traffic growth, but the nature of the attacks has, and continues to change.  The volume of attacks is […]

Blocking robocalling to foil phishing scams

Many consumers may sigh with relief as the FCC blocks robocalling and robotexting to foil phishing scams. Consumers know all too well that the mobile ecosystem lacks regulation, as many are besieged by daily spam texts imploring them to divulge confidential data, with US consumers receiving 14.1 billion spam texts last month. As a result, the […]

Reducing telecom’s carbon footprint

This article was originally published by The Fast Mode.     Let’s be transparent. While telecom’s new sustainability focus is commendable, our industry is just beginning its collective journey. But, instead of focusing on what we haven’t done, we must focus on what we can do moving forward. Global internet carriers have a responsibility to facilitate […]

Community-Triggered DDoS Mitigation

At Arelion, we understand the importance of security on the network to keep our customers’ businesses safe and connected on a global scale. As a result, we strive to prepare our customers with unique insights into the evolving threat landscape through our annual DDoS Threat Landscape Report, based on data from our #1 ranked global […]

Arelion’s network evolution

It has now been more than a year since Arelion began its new life, leaving behind the Telia Carrier brand and facing the market as an independent entity. Over that year we have seen the company start to make more aggressive network investments, moving into new parts of the world, such as Mexico. With us today to give his perspective on Arelion’s network infrastructure, its future, and the state of the broader network infrastructure marketplace is Mattias Fridström, Arelion’s Chief Evangelist.

Getting you closer than ever to your network

At Arelion, the customer experience we deliver has never stopped at the performance of the network, how easily a support ticket can be submitted or how we deal with that request.  We created the MyArelion portal to be much more than that. As it has grown, MyArelion has become a one-stop shop giving immediate access […]

Turning the energy crisis into opportunity

With energy prices escalating across the globe, most businesses are having to pay more for the energy they use. The impact of that on businesses is clear: weakening margins, reducing their ability to invest, and in some cases a need to streamline in order to survive. But how are those escalating prices impacting the executives at organizations?

Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Sophie Reinius, Group CFO at Arelion

Among telecom’s many moving parts, there is strength in numbers. Sophie Reinius, Group CFO, joined Arelion in November 2021 to drive our financial strategy. We spoke with Sophie to learn more about her experience at Arelion and how her financial vision helps Arelion become more agile as we continue our global network expansion.

Changing the way we build networks

The Covid-19 not only demonstrated the critical importance telecommunications infrastructure has on every individual, businesses, and society in general but also the need for telecommunications networks to be agile, cost effective and scalable in a way that we never imagined before.