Enhanced DDoS visibility for faster mitigation

DDoS attacks continue to plague the industry, with increased activities reported by all major providers. We are not seeing this trend changing any time soon and continue to witness an increase in threat and sophisticated extortion attacks (read more in our DDoS Threat Landscape Report 2021).

With this increased activity, it is natural that customers want, need, and expect increased attack visibility. Whilst we as a DDoS protection provider have always had ready access to vast quantity of data to help tune our protection services, customers often have far less visibility. Understanding the attack vectors and mechanisms can help customers to better prepare and protect themselves against future issues.

At Telia Carrier we take great pride in sharing data and insights into our network performance, and being open and honest about the services we provide. But, until recently this visibility hasn’t really existed for our DDoS service on the customer side. We have been working hard over the last year in making such information accessible in a suitable and coherent way. Therefore, we are happy to have launched Phase1 of the My Carrier DDoS Portal.

Phase1 delivers a read-only view of your DDoS protected assets and configuration, alerts detected and mitigations. The data is nearly live with typically <60sec delay. As well as some neat visualizations, all relevant data is exportable and available via API.


All about API’s

While we feel we have done a great job in the presentation of the data in the portal, and also improved email alerting, it is not what we find the coolest part of the portal. When our IT team add anything to the portal, they start with the API and the front-end team build on that. We then make this same API available to customer developers. With the DDoS data this provides an awesome opportunity for our DDoS customers to utilize the semi-live API feed directly into their own systems or portals – gone is the need to create email parsing integration!

Next steps

DDoS Services are not typically something customers need to make significant changes to, but there are some small adds or changes which we will be making available. This will include change of the protected prefixes, some detection settings and block/pass filters. In longer term and in the next phases, we are aiming to have full on-boarding via the portal.

The My Carrier portal is Telia Carrier’s hub for all kinds of customer information, including performances, service delivery status, planned works, invoicing, and now DDoS. If you need help getting access to the portal, please contact your account manager.



Jorg Dekker, Head of Internet Services