Category: Optical networks

Optical innovation as an economic opportunity

Looking ahead to 2024, the telecom industry has the opportunity to adopt a more frugal approach to spending. However, these financial challenges present promising prospects for advancing large-scale optical innovation, which is already underway.

Converging IP and optical network layers

Recently, Arelion took another step in converging our IP and optical layers by adding Cisco 400G Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFP-DD) Bright Optical Modules in our production IP backbone. The first regional reach deployment spans 675 kilometers between Stockholm and Copenhagen over a third-party Optical Open Line System (O-OLS).

Chasing the light: the future of fiber

What can be achieved to date with fiber optics is already impressive, but there are some interesting innovations coming that could be transformative for networks. In this blog, get a brief introduction to how fiber networks are going to evolve in the future.

Product News: 400GE Wavelengths and Client-Side Monitoring

Internet traffic continues to rapidly increase, extending the need for more bandwidth and more reliable connections. As one of the leading players on the global WDM market, Telia Carrier is relentlessly evolving our wavelengths offering to address customer needs. After years of development and testing we are now releasing 400GE, providing a dedicated, high capacity […]

The Optical Networks Future: Open and Disaggregated

In recent months we’ve been busy giving our global optical network infrastructure a major makeover. Our mission – to jump-start a new era of network innovation and interoperability that will prove transformative for all our customers. So, what exactly have we been up to? Having one of the largest global optical transmission network footprints we […]

Let there be (intelligent) light

As businesses worldwide keep on investing in technical infrastructure and innovative tools to build smart, connected organizations, the demand for capacity has reached new levels. The result is growing pressure on the fiber optic backbone networks of service providers and internet content providers alike. To help meet the demands of digital transformation, carriers will need […]