AI, ML and MEF

In November, Telia Carrier attended MEF19 in Los Angeles for a joint Proof of Concept demo together with Infinera and CenturyLink. The focus of this year’s PoC showcase was to demonstrate the use of different aspects of the MEF 3.0 framework to create high-value managed connectivity-based services.

In our joint demo, “AI/ML and Policy Driven Networks for the LSO-Based Architecture”, we wanted to show how AI and machine learning can assist in the automated establishment of connectivity and restoration activities.

Now, why is this important? As increasingly more enterprises are basing their entire operations on being online it is of outmost importance that the underlying network is never really down. With a steady growth in performance data coming out of network operation systems, we believe that by using and learning from this data we can prevent some of the failures before they even happen. We are only in the beginning of this journey, but the PoC at MEF19 gave us even more insights into what can be achieved over time.

Want to learn more? Check out this video from MEF19.