CEO Blog: An Even Brighter Future

This morning, Telia Company announced that it has agreed to divest the Telia Carrier business and related assets to Polhem Infra, a Swedish investment company backed by some of the largest Swedish pension funds. After nearly 20 years as part of the Telia Company family, it is now time for a new era for Telia Carrier, in which we can even better serve customers and compete in the global marketplace.

Polhem Infra, a financially strong owner focused on long-term sustainable investments in critical infrastructure such as transport, energy and digital infrastructure, represents an ideal match for Telia Carrier. Our journey to continue to expand our network and service portfolio, such as the buildouts in several key regions in the US and the launch of new services targeting the enterprise market, will accelerate under the ownership of Polhem Infra.

On a day-to-day basis, nothing will change for our customers. In the long run, the new ownership will bring continued benefits to the customer experience and value provided by Telia Carrier, who will operate as a standalone entity in Polhem Infra’s investment portfolio.

Of course, not least for me, there is a sentimental aspect to leaving Telia Company. I have been working here for 25 years and I can reflect on so many events and accomplishments with both happiness and pride. It is therefore very reassuring that we will remain in a strong partnership with Telia Company, continuing to provide our world-leading connectivity solutions to Telia and Telia’s enterprise customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

As we complete the acquisition, expected to close during the first half of 2021, our customers can be assured of our unshakeable commitment to deliver the high levels of service to which they are accustomed. Our goal is to make this a seamless transition.

I can’t imagine a brighter future for Telia Carrier. I’m extremely excited about the next chapter for the company and I’m convinced it will be a good one. Enjoy the ride as we charge full speed ahead – I sure will.

Read the press release.

Staffan Göjeryd, CEO

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