Author: Staffan Göjeryd

Our customers have spoken: “A reliable partner with quality services”

In this blog, Arelion CEO Staffan Göjeryd writes about our latest NPS figure and why customer experience is key in the connectivity business.

CEO blog: Keeping the world connected in times of crisis

At Arelion, we are all profoundly saddened and concerned about the human tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine. Indeed, the past weeks have been the source of great anxiety and sorrow for us all, as the world faces unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. At times like these, the global Internet ecosystem, with Arelion at its core, […]

CEO BLOG: Shaping a New Era of Customer Excellence

Today signals the start of a new era for Telia Carrier as we officially become a standalone company with a new owner, Polhem Infra – a company focused on long-term infrastructure investment and backed by some of the largest Swedish pension funds. As I reflect over 20 years as part of the Telia family, not […]

CEO Blog: Building a Culture of Excellence

When it comes down to choosing a service provider, there are many things to consider – from product features and technology platforms to contract terms and pricing. But at the end of the day, what does it all really boil down to? At Telia Carrier, after many years spent asking our customers for feedback, we […]

CEO Blog: Five Predictions in 2021

As we prepare for 2021, what are the opportunities and challenges that are part of the aftermath of a pandemic year?

CEO Blog: An Even Brighter Future

This morning, Telia Company announced that it has agreed to divest the Telia Carrier business and related assets to Polhem Infra, a Swedish investment company backed by some of the largest Swedish pension funds. After nearly 20 years as part of the Telia Company family, it is now time for a new era for Telia […]

The coronavirus: connecting the world @home

As Covid-19 spreads, affecting almost every country in the world, there have been rapid and profound changes in the way we live, work and educate ourselves. A number of countries have enforced home working directives (for those that can), and educational systems around the globe are enabling remote learning applications for distance learning. Our increasingly […]