Product news: Ethernet Service Performance

At Arelion, customer care and quality of service are at the heart of what we do. We believe that trust starts with transparency, and we take great pride in sharing data and insights into our network performance, being open and honest about the services we provide.

As such, we are happy to confirm that we have launched a new Ethernet Advanced Service Performance functionality, which gives our customers visibility of the latency, frame loss, and Inter-frame delay variation for the Ethernet Advanced services where a managed Arelion NID (Network Interface Device) has been delivered as a demarcation device.

To add to existing functionality, which allows our customers to see Service and Usage information, we now also have a Service Performance section with 3 additional tabs showing “Monthly overview”, “Performance details” and “Real-time” performance data for the selected Ethernet EVPL or ELAN services; all accessible from the main “Menu” or the “Services” section of the portal:


Monthly aggregated overview showing all Ethernet Advanced services intuitively leads to service specific performance details with selectable time range or real-time view:


All about API’s

As with any other Arelion Portal developments, when our IT team adds new functionality to the Portal, they start with the API and the front-end team builds on that. We then make the same API available to customer developers. With the Ethernet Advanced Service Performance data, this provides a great opportunity for our Ethernet customers to utilize the semi-live API feed directly into their own systems or portals for greater visibility and improved management.

Arelion’s Ethernet services offer reliability and peace of mind, enabling high bandwidth connectivity – now you can also see how your service is performing in real-time.

Have a look at the Arelion customer hub for various customer information, including service delivery status, planned works, invoicing, usage, DDoS and now Ethernet Advanced Service Performance. If you need help getting access to the portal, please contact your account manager. You can also watch this demo on how to access your Ethernet Service Performance.


Anna Maslewska, Global Product Manager – Ethernet