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Ethernet still rules at 50

1973 was a pretty busy year:  The US Senate Watergate Committee began its work, the first mobile phone call was made in Manhattan, Paul McCartney released the album “Band on the Run” and the Sydney Opera House was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II, to name but a few key historical events. But at Xerox […]

How TSBs will support global enterprises in 2024

Technology companies are contending with rising costs, a difficult macroeconomic climate, and geopolitical turmoil that threatens the reliability and security of global networks. As these realities persist in the coming year, enterprises will increasingly turn to Technology Service Brokers (TSBs) for help in finding, buying, and managing technology and connectivity services.

Employee Spotlight: Scott Nichols, CCO

Since its inception, Arelion has leveraged its true differentiator to build trust with customers and succeed in the connectivity business: world-class customer experience. We spoke to our Chief Commercial Officer, Scott Nichols to learn about his vision for Arelion’s next growth stage and the vital role of internal transformation to provide excellent customer experience in today’s connectivity market.

Converging IP and optical network layers

Recently, Arelion took another step in converging our IP and optical layers by adding Cisco 400G Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFP-DD) Bright Optical Modules in our production IP backbone. The first regional reach deployment spans 675 kilometers between Stockholm and Copenhagen over a third-party Optical Open Line System (O-OLS).

Employee Spotlight: Julien Tardy, Head of Enterprise Delivery

The implementation stage of service delivery can make or break any customer relationship – especially in the enterprise market. Julien Tardy, Head of Enterprise Delivery and Delivery Excellence, joined Arelion in 2002. We spoke with Julien to learn more about his diverse expertise and how his team ensures exceptional service delivery for Arelion’s enterprise customers. […]

Chasing the light: the future of fiber

What can be achieved to date with fiber optics is already impressive, but there are some interesting innovations coming that could be transformative for networks. In this blog, get a brief introduction to how fiber networks are going to evolve in the future.

Building trust within the channel

Arelion’s Conflict-Free Channel Program accomplished a “four-peat” this year, winning the ‘Most Responsive Supplier Channel Team’ Visionary Spotlight Award from ChannelVision once again. This accomplishment reinforces our commitment to building trust within the channel community by being responsive and attentive to our Trusted Advisors so they can better serve their customers. This third-party validation is […]

DDoS: Has the fightback got teeth?

It might be no surprise to hear that DDoS traffic has continued to rise since 2021 – up 19% according to our latest DDoS Threat Landscape Report, issued earlier in May.  This is in line with Internet traffic growth, but the nature of the attacks has, and continues to change.  The volume of attacks is […]

Community-Triggered DDoS Mitigation

At Arelion, we understand the importance of security on the network to keep our customers’ businesses safe and connected on a global scale. As a result, we strive to prepare our customers with unique insights into the evolving threat landscape through our annual DDoS Threat Landscape Report, based on data from our #1 ranked global […]

Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Sophie Reinius, Group CFO at Arelion

Among telecom’s many moving parts, there is strength in numbers. Sophie Reinius, Group CFO, joined Arelion in November 2021 to drive our financial strategy. We spoke with Sophie to learn more about her experience at Arelion and how her financial vision helps Arelion become more agile as we continue our global network expansion.

Enabling sustainable networking in Europe and the US

Arelion is building sustainable networks for service providers, content providers and enterprises at every tier in the global Internet backbone, benefiting our customers and the environment in the process.

Segment routing for low-latency enterprise Ethernet

To satisfy the need for low-latency, diverse Ethernet services on a global scale, we’ve implemented segment routing based on the lowest latency paths across our multi-vendor network at no added cost to our enterprise customers.