CEO blog: Keeping the world connected in times of crisis

At Arelion, we are all profoundly saddened and concerned about the human tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine. Indeed, the past weeks have been the source of great anxiety and sorrow for us all, as the world faces unprecedented challenges and uncertainty.

At times like these, the global Internet ecosystem, with Arelion at its core, plays a critical role in helping people stay connected – by allowing them to stay in touch with their loved ones, providing access to vital news updates, and helping to retain the important functions of daily life, even in the most difficult circumstances.

The key strength of the Internet is its universality. Like space exploration, it transcends national boundaries. At its best, it is a conveyor of information, without prejudice, from multiple and disparate sources, which is especially important in times of crisis. With that in mind, we remain firmly committed to our purpose – to keep the world connected – through good times and bad.

At the time of writing, the Internet is still accessible in many parts of Ukraine. While the prerequisites for keeping the Internet up and running can change at a moment’s notice, we are doing our utmost to ensure that people stay connected. Not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world.

In making this commitment, we are conscious of the fact that suppliers are increasingly suspending shipments and supplies of hardware and software into the Russian Federation. Government sanctions are intensifying, and logistical challenges are becoming more acute by the day. While developments outside of our control could potentially force us to cease the provision of Internet services in some regions, our position today remains clear: we will endeavor to keep the Internet open to everyone until we are no longer able to do so.

With things moving fast, we are taking mitigating action where necessary and appropriate. Here are some of the steps we have taken so far:


  • The most urgent priority for us in the management team has been to ensure that our employees are safe and well, and we will continue to work with the best interests of our staff and customers at the fore.
  • We have launched a global double-match donation program for Arelion employees who wish to make a personal contribution to the United Nations Refugee Agency – UNHCR.


  • Security is an integral part of Arelion governance, and our policies are based on solid international security standards. We have heightened our monitoring of attack vectors and are managing potential threats continuously.
  • The Arelion network is designed to minimize customer disruption caused by unforeseeable events, including those that lead to total site malfunction. That said, network operation under these difficult circumstances poses extraordinary logistical challenges which may ultimately result in unavoidable service disruption.
  • We continue to follow applicable cyber legislation and government advice, including best practice recommendations for information security management, risk reduction and control.

Business continuity:

  • In the short term, we have put all new commercial activities in Russia on hold, as the elevated level of restrictions and increased uncertainty in conducting business directly impact our operations in the country.
  • We will continue to provide services in accordance with our customer agreements, local laws, and legislation. In addition, we are monitoring governmental regulations and decisions, and will ensure that any necessary changes are implemented accordingly.

As always, we work tirelessly to prepare for any situation or incident that could threaten our company, personnel, or customers.

My thoughts are with all of you who have been affected in any way.

Staffan Göjeryd
CEO, Arelion