Keeping telehealth in great shape

If you work in the medical and healthcare industries, you will be all too familiar with how telehealth services have transformed the services you can offer patients. Thanks to advancements in connectivity, experts in rare procedures and conditions from across the globe can even be brought together virtually to consult with patients and share knowledge with local medical practitioners and surgeons.

It has become increasingly common in healthcare, and the wider business community, to use the public Internet to provide the connectivity needed to provide uninterrupted, reliable and high-quality services to telehealth platform providers and the communities they serve. But the reality is that delivering such services over the public Internet is not always as easy as it could be, especially when you don’t control the underlying IP network end-to-end.

Telehealth is a sector with demanding network needs – the security and reliability of the network are almost more important than any other factors. Arelion is the #1 ranked global Internet backbone network, but that would mean little if we couldn’t solve the problems of making sure the network was secure for the industries that need it the most, such as telehealth.

DDoS attacks remain one of the most common ways for a hacker to try and attack a network or organisation. It can bring a service to its knees, or act as a cover for other activities, such as stealing patient data through a back door they have exploited, or implanting malware.  At Arelion, our defensive posture means that we not only protect our Internet backbone from attacks, but also the customers that rely on our network to deliver their services. Our DDoS Mitigation service ensures scalable, automated, global protection from attacks, guaranteeing that your telehealth services remain uninterrupted.

Recent attacks on major cloud provider networks have shown that unprotected traffic can be announced to anyone on the Internet and hackers can highjack network traffic detouring it to unwanted locations. To thwart these attacks, Arelion (as Telia Carrier) was the first Tier-1 Internet backbone to implement Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), a mechanism that controls connections on the Internet and ensures that a service provider can only announce prefixes it has a right to announce. This provides protection against hackers re-routing sensitive telehealth traffic, without the knowledge of the parties involved.

However your organisation uses or provides telehealth platform services, Arelion’s Internet services (whether IP Transit or Dedicated Internet Access) deliver you global reach, performance and protection. Learn more about our IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access already supporting other leading telehealth services.


Paolo Gambini, Head of Enterprise Sales