Lifting the lid on sustainability at Arelion

If just the mention of the word “sustainability” sends your eyes rolling into the back of your head, it won’t be because you don’t care, but because you hear the word A L-O-T.

Our industry talks at length about what it needs to do to meet its sustainability goals, and even more is said by companies about their achievements.  But, in many cases, you don’t need to push far below the surface to realise things are – shall we say – not as they seem.

At Arelion, we’re taking the challenge of making our network and operations as sustainable as possible mighty seriously.  Are we there yet?  We’re certainly not where we want to be, and there are challenges ahead. We’re on a mission though, and we want to share with you where we are, what’s coming in the months ahead, and where we think we’ll be in a few years.

So why not join us on March 28 at 16.00 CET/ 10.00am ET for our webinar Connecting a sustainable future, where Malin Clarstedt, Group Sustainability and Quality Manager at Arelion, will discuss where we are today in terms of the network and our operations, and reveal the road ahead.

Whether you are an enterprise customer or operator, it’s a chance to see how our sustainability efforts align with you own, as together we all move towards a future of increased efficiency, reduced waste, and lower emissions.

Save your seat here!