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Enabling sustainable networking in Europe and the US

Arelion is building sustainable networks for service providers, content providers and enterprises at every tier in the global Internet backbone, benefiting our customers and the environment in the process.

Next-generation data center connectivity

This article was originally published by DatacenterDynamics. The pattern is set – the number of data centers in the world continues to grow in order to support the expanding needs of enterprises, cloud service providers and indeed the services we all use as consumers. These data centers are taking many forms too, from tiny data […]

Placing Lyon on the digital world map

One of the most exciting things for us about expanding our network backbone and the services we can offer is the wider story it tells about how digital communications is changing.  On a global scale we are seeing the expectations from enterprises and consumers increase: they want access to new content and services – with […]

Bernd Hoogkamp, Telia Carrier

Data center capacity will ramp up in 2021

Europe’s four leading data center markets (London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris) are expected to see 415 megawatts of capacity coming online in 2021, a 22.5% increase over the previous year’s total supply. This year of record growth is forecasted to be followed by two more of similar magnitude, with 370 and 440 megawatts coming online in […]

Data center relocation to Sweden – new report

From the capital of Sweden, data center operators and service providers can reach a market of 350 million users within only 30ms of round-trip delay…