Data center relocation to Sweden – new report

Why should enterprises, content providers and operators in Northern Europe and Western Russia consider data center relocation to Stockholm?

In a new study by Telia Carrier, Invest Stockholm and Stockholm Data Parks, round-trip delay (RTD) from Stockholm to various northern European PoPs within Telia Carrier’s #1 ranked global IP backbone was analyzed. It was found that from the capital of Sweden, data center operators and service providers can reach a market of 350 million users within only 30ms of round-trip delay.

The whitepaper also found that, apart from financial trading and software mirroring, there are few applications for which the user experience will be adversely affected by the minimal latency overhead from remote server location in Stockholm.

Stockholm based data centers bring green benefits too, including low-carbon electricity, the lowest electricity prices in the EU and an opportunity to receive payment for excess heat – used for residential heating in the city.

In short, data center relocation to Sweden, and Stockholm in particular, presents a compelling and sustainable opportunity for an energy-intensive industry to source cheap electricity with a low carbon footprint, whilst operating within acceptable latency limits. Want to learn more? Download the full whitepaper here.