The business benefits of two-way messaging

At Arelion, our mission is to keep the world connected – using the best technology, old or new, for connectivity services that truly serve our customers’ needs. By combining tried-and-tested technology with cutting-edge innovation, we deliver reliable and cost-effective connectivity for the most challenging of applications.

SMS is the perfect example – once thought to be heading for obsolescence with the rise of OTT applications but now enjoying a new lease of life.  We have developed a two-way communication channel using SMS to enable real-time connectivity between user and application which is in turn efficient, cost effective and of course, available on every mobile device. This channel can be established using SMPP or APIs and is configurable within applications or in CRM tools.

For many Enterprise users today, instant engagement and feedback are becoming a necessity. This can be provided by a two-way SMS service using virtual numbers. As shown in the graphic below, two-way messaging functionality allows the users to respond instantly (MO) to the A2P SMS message (MT) from the enterprise.


Types of virtual numbers:

  • Virtual mobile numbers – 11-digit regular mobile numbers, not linked to a SIM card. The numbers can be used for two-way voice and SMS communication between enterprises and its consumers
  • Short codes – 5-6-digit numbers, principally for two-way SMS communication between enterprise/organizations and their users. Popular use cases include iOS and Android authentication services
  • Toll-free numbers – 11-digit +1800 range numbers, free for the end user to call or SMS to reach the Enterprise they belong to

Use cases:

  • Marketing surveys
  • Loyalty rewards programs
  • Voting
  • Number masking (for user identity protection)
  • Customer service

With our two-way SMS solution, Arelion can help enterprises resolve complex problems, reduce ongoing costs, and bring efficiency to their customer engagements.

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Chintan Bhatt, Senior Business Development Manager, Voice Trading