Our customers have spoken: “A reliable partner with quality services”

After many years of asking our customers for feedback, we have learnt that the single most important differentiator in the connectivity business is customer experience. With customer service expectations rising, customer feedback is as important as ever for a company’s success.

We recently completed our latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. Here are just a few of the customer comments:

    • A trusted, reliable partner with a good reputation and quality services/ products
    • A very professional company with the highest quality service, good-mood team, precise communication, perfect support
    • 100% transparency and reliability on the kind of product I get and the quality expectations
    • Professional customer support
    • Arelion is an extremely reliable partner

Our 2022 NPS of 51 marks consistent 20% YoY NPS growth over the past decade:

We are of course not simply bound by numbers – our commitment is to consistently provide exceptional customer service, and we are obsessed with delivering an effortless experience – one which starts with a thorough understanding of what our customers need and how they perceive us.

Making connectivity easy for our customers

We believe that the key difference between us and other providers in a fierce marketplace is the way in which we make connectivity services easier. The primary factors that move the needle when it comes to improving customer experience at Arelion are:

1. A best-in-class buying journey
2. An industry-leading service delivery experience
3. Excellence in service assurance

1. In the sales process, one of our key priorities is to allow customers to interact with us on their own terms. Customers who want to order services themselves through our online portal, My Arelion, can do so, and those who require a more personal experience can engage directly with our team of solution experts.

2. Unfortunately for many telcos, the delivery process is where customer experience begins to falter. Besides predictability and speed, the quality and frequency of communication are critical elements of the delivery story. When we set up our delivery organization, we listened to our customers and organized ourselves by customer segment. This allowed us to focus on the specific needs of our customers and provide them with the right level of information quickly, openly, honestly, and transparently.

After the initial service phase, our dedicated delivery coordinators are on hand to optimize lead times and logistics, so that our customers receive best possible delivery experience for their individual needs. Once services are operational, we maintain full transparency about the progress of ongoing deliveries, service performance and usage, as well as planned works or network changes. This information is readily available in our portal, or via APIs.

3. When incidents do happen, we always take full ownership of the problem. To ensure the fastest possible resolution times, Arelion empowers its Customer Support Engineers – more than 90% of whom are university graduates in technology and 33% have double degrees – with the best rapid-issue-resolution tools. Among others, we are about to launch a new ticketing tool that includes automatic alarm-to-incident functionality, allowing us to detect an incident and understand its impact almost in real time.

Embracing customer experience

For Arelion, the Net Promoter Score is a great indicator of customer loyalty and trust in our company, and the fact that our NPS has increased by 20% YoY since 2012 is confirmation that our continuous investment in customer excellence is reflected in the quality of the experience we deliver.

Ultimately, customer excellence is built on a culture that promotes a sense of ownership for everyone in the organization. From the bottom up, our employees are encouraged to embrace customer experience and take individual responsibility for it – because at the end of the day, customer experience is all about people.


Staffan Göjeryd, CEO, Arelion