Getting you closer than ever to your network

At Arelion, the customer experience we deliver has never stopped at the performance of the network, how easily a support ticket can be submitted or how we deal with that request.  We created the MyArelion portal to be much more than that. As it has grown, MyArelion has become a one-stop shop giving immediate access to our customers’ global network performance and analytics, allow them to track the status of trouble tickets, order new services and view billing information all in one place.

Simplicity and transparency have always been the order of the day, and MyArelion makes it easy for customers to see what is happening on their network services at any time, either by logging into the portal, or using the many APIs we have developed so they can extract performance, usage and account data 24×7.  These APIs remain unique to the industry in their simplicity and data they make available.

A great example feature of MyArelion is the way customers can use the DDoS Mitigation service. Today it gives insights on how service minutes have been consumed protecting individual network objects, providing even more information on how bad actors are attempting to attack your infrastructure.  Whilst many customers choose to let the DDoS Mitigation service run automatically, we will also make it possible soon for customers to manually launch mitigation services.

We’ve not finished with the portal and, over the last six months, have been making several under-the-hood improvements that have prepared MyArelion for important new features over the coming months.  This will include even more granular and flexible reporting, new ways to secure customers’ accounts and buy services.

If you’ve not already got a MyArelion account, it is quick and easy to set one up from this page, which has more information on the portal features.  You don’t even need to be an existing Arelion customer.


Maureen Elshof, Product Manager