Community-Triggered DDoS Mitigation

At Arelion, we understand the importance of security on the network to keep our customers’ businesses safe and connected on a global scale. As a result, we strive to prepare our customers with unique insights into the evolving threat landscape through our annual DDoS Threat Landscape Report, based on data from our #1 ranked global internet backbone, AS1299.

Of course, in addition to our research efforts, we work to make security on the network easier, simpler and more efficient for our customers. With our internet backbone connecting to 65% of global internet routes, we have a responsibility to innovate our network for businesses around the world that depend on our services, no matter which crisis the world faces next.

We appreciate the sense of urgency that is required when your business is under a DDoS attack, with a room of network engineers scrambling to the phone after they see those ominous red lights pop up. As a result of our tireless pursuit of network security innovation to benefit our customers, we’ve added a Community-Triggered Mitigation feature to our scalable DDoS mitigation services. This new feature is available now, providing our DDoS mitigation customers with enhanced control and ease of integration when activating our DDoS mitigation services – without the need to contact us in the middle of an attack.

How it works

Communities are the primary method for managing traffic between networks, allowing businesses to indicate what they want an Internet carrier to do with a specific route via a number added to the route. Our Community-Triggered Mitigation feature is a new way for our DDoS customers to easily trigger the activation of their DDoS mitigation services through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities, providing enhanced control to wholesale and large enterprise customers.

Our DDoS customers can now use BGP communities to tag IP routes via their own routers and equipment to signal us to start and stop DDoS mitigation services when needed without contacting us directly. Through this new feature, our DDoS customers can trigger DDoS mitigation at any time, directing malicious traffic to our DDoS scrubbers and letting us handle the rest. The malicious traffic is scrubbed, then returned through VLAN tunnels on the same port to reduce routing issues with the network.

This allows our customers to react immediately to mitigate threats without the need to email or call us or search for a service portal address and pesky credentials. This feature also simplifies the activation of DDoS mitigation on a port in advance of a known threat, protecting our customers and their clients for as long as they require.

Ease of integration

In addition, our Community-Triggered Mitigation feature integrates seamlessly with network operation systems as it can integrate with basic forms of network automation, allowing customers to use third-party systems or in-house Network Management Systems to trigger DDoS mitigation. Our customers can now activate DDoS mitigation on any set of configured IP prefixes, with the ability to isolate the routes that are under attack or cover whole ranges if necessary. In addition, our customers with in-house coverage or large upstreams can choose to activate the service when needed as well.

Community-Triggered Mitigation provides our customers with granular control and ease of integration within relatively simple network management tools. With this feature, our customers with basic scripted network automation and basic DDoS management strategies in place can instantly leverage Arelion’s capability and capacity to mitigate large-scale attacks that may overpower their existing mitigation strategies and threaten network operation.

DDoS Mitigation right when you need it

Amid increasing incidences of large-scale DDoS attacks, we prioritize security on the network to serve our global customers who depend on safe, high-quality connectivity to enable their digital businesses. We understand that time is of the essence in the event of a DDoS attack. Through this new Community-Triggered Mitigation feature, we aim to make security on the network simpler by enhancing our wholesale and enterprise customers’ control in activating DDoS mitigation, helping our customers maintain business continuity and stay protected without wasting a minute of valuable time.


David Young, Product Manager IP and DDoS