Employee Spotlight: Julien Tardy, Head of Enterprise Delivery

The implementation stage of service delivery can make or break any customer relationship – especially in the enterprise market. Julien Tardy, Head of Enterprise Delivery and Delivery Excellence, joined Arelion in 2002. We spoke with Julien to learn more about his diverse expertise and how his team ensures exceptional service delivery for Arelion’s enterprise customers.


“Sharing knowledge is in our DNA.”


Q: Can you tell us about your background?

I joined Arelion 20 years ago as a field engineer and have had the opportunity to explore various roles within the company, including delivery project manager, technical delivery specialist and Head of Content Delivery. I’m now Head of the Enterprise Delivery team, ensuring exceptional service delivery for our enterprise customers. One of the aspects I truly appreciate about working here is the diverse range of opportunities available to us.

Q: What does Arelion’s culture look like on the inside?

Arelion’s work environment is never boring. Each day brings something new, and it’s easy to be enthusiastic here. It’s open, with many people to support you because everybody here is an expert in their field. So, there’s an opportunity to learn something new every day, and you have the freedom to unlock and develop your skills. This is a source of motivation because you’re never alone when solving a problem. Sharing knowledge is in our DNA and is deeply ingrained in the company’s culture.

Q: What is your day-to-day experience?

As a manager of a global team of project managers, I have the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse cultures on a regular basis on both sides of the business, from customers to partners, which I greatly appreciate. While we work toward our KPIs, we can also work on projects outside our job description if they provide value to our customers or team. Ultimately, my job is to help my team try different solutions to a problem. If a solution doesn’t work, it’s my job to support my teammates in trying something new that does work and provides value. For instance, due to this cultural emphasis, one of my teammates coded a customized tool we implemented for the entire department.

Q: What are the Enterprise Delivery team’s key goals? How will you achieve those goals?

World-class customer service is the #1 goal, which means ensuring exceptional enterprise service delivery. As a result, we must maintain constant, transparent and open communication with our enterprise customers. We must be honest and provide solutions that make a difference instead of hiding the truth and making excuses. Exceptional service delivery, particularly during the implementation phase, becomes even more important in the enterprise space. It’s a huge sign of trust when an enterprise (such as a bank) runs its business-critical IT systems over our network. We must be accurate when setting service delivery and activation expectations to earn that trust and keep their business.

Q: What does the upcoming 30th anniversary for Arelion’s AS1299 network mean to you?

I’m proud of what we’ve built and lucky to have seen our network evolve over the past few decades. I’ve had a front-row seat to massive shifts within the telecom industry, so this anniversary makes me excited for the next 30 years. I have one relevant story from when I was with colleagues recently. We were all reminiscing about how far Arelion has come, particularly due to its emphasis on global customer service. We began counting how many languages we all speak between us and stopped at 30 – quite fitting for the upcoming 30th anniversary of our Internet backbone!

Q: Anything else?

People are always surprised when they first join Arelion. They say things like, is this culture real? What’s the catch? Many of us are proud to work here due to our customer service focus and cultural autonomy. It feels like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves, whether that means keeping the world connected during crises or enabling the business-critical connectivity that enterprises need in our increasingly interconnected world. No matter how much we grow, I’m proud we’ve stayed true to our core values. We’re adaptable – but we’re still us.


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