Building trust within the channel

Arelion’s Conflict-Free Channel Program accomplished a “four-peat” this year, winning the ‘Most Responsive Supplier Channel Team’ Visionary Spotlight Award from ChannelVision once again. This accomplishment reinforces our commitment to building trust within the channel community by being responsive and attentive to our Trusted Advisors so they can better serve their customers.

This third-party validation is no small feat in a highly competitive network services market. Trusted Advisors can work with virtually any provider to service their customers, so we’re honored they trust Arelion to deliver in a timely manner with open communication and total transparency.

A proven carrier always striving to be better

Since launching our Channel Program in 2020, Arelion has focused more resources toward the channel and the enterprise space by increasing our investment for national and local events, as well as expanding the global enterprise staff headcount. By making these important changes, we hope to build even closer relationships with our Trusted Advisors, increase the Arelion brand awareness, and grow our market share within the enterprise space.

As a result, we’re more laser-focused on providing value that resonates with enterprises while working closely with the channel community to engage with prospects that fit Arelion’s strengths.

Enterprise service differentiators

Arelion differentiates itself by providing an exceptional network delivery experience on a global scale, which is paramount as global enterprises route more traffic and business-critical applications over the Internet. Connectivity is what Arelion does best, and we’re one of the only Internet carriers that can deliver high-performance, reliable connectivity globally through our own network.

For thirty years, we’ve grown our network organically without the pains of acquiring and integrating another network. We also prioritize security in addition to bandwidth, redundancy, and diversity, with DDoS Mitigation being native to our network services. As a result, Arelion has been able to deliver at the highest levels of security and performance since 1993. As we’ve evolved into the enterprise space over the years, we’re proud to engage through a Channel Program that recognizes the value of these capabilities as well.

Other differentiators of our Channel Program and enterprise service delivery include:

Our service delivery organization owns your solution end-to-end: While most providers hand-off to Customer Care for issues that arise during or immediately after delivery, Arelion’s service delivery team takes responsibility for the solution until it’s up and running in the customer’s environment as intended.

Our service delivery organization is globally distributed: We know that exceptional delivery experiences go beyond currency and time zones – they’re about culture, customs, languages, and more. Our globally distributed service delivery team are experts in the markets they support and work with our customers’ staff in a way that best suits their business, as well as accommodates the nuances of that location.

Overall, Arelion understands the complexities of delivering network services on a global scale and takes great pride in delighting our customers and, in the process, exceeding our Trusted Advisor’s expectations.

We’re honored to be recognized by ChannelVision and receive this award once again. We look forward to adding new Technology Service Brokers/Trusted Advisors in 2024 to distribute our portfolio of industry-leading services, including Wavelengths, IP Transit, DIA, Ethernet, DDoS Mitigation, and Cloud Connect. Above all, we’re grateful for our award-winning Channel Team and their dedication to evangelizing the values of Arelion.


Scott Nichols, CCO