Awarded in Hawaii – twice!

This week, we attended the annual Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. A great opportunity for interesting discussions and the latest industry insights to bring home. But as it turned out, we’re also flying home with not one, but two awards.

On Tuesday, research consultancy ATLANTIC-ACM delivered its 2020 Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards. We’re happy to say that Telia Carrier won awards in both the Billing and Sales Reps categories.

The ATLANTIC-ACM awards are based upon responses to the firm’s annual customer feedback survey, where over 1,600 customer evaluations are collected from nearly 400 individual respondents. According to the survey, customer service is one of the most important buying priorities for global wholesale customers.

Staffan Göjeryd, CEO at Telia Carrier, commented on the awards:

“Customer centricity has always been the main priority for Telia Carrier. During recent years, we have focused relentlessly on systematic improvements to our processes and tools – based directly on customer feedback. Winning these awards is an acknowledgement of our relentless focus on providing a first-rate customer experience across the entire operation – ranging from sales interactions to ongoing support such as billing.”